International Support

I offer support to Brazilian companies and governmental agencies whilst in the UK; organizing field visits, sourcing equipment’s and highly-qualified interpreters. 

Cross-cultural Awareness Workshops

I am a cultural briefing consultant for Brazil based in Bristol, UK. As a British and Brazilian dual citizen,with living and working experiences in both countries, I promote cross-cultural awareness workshops to highlight the opportunities and working practices of Brazil. My workshops draw on my own experiences of starting a business in Brazil; as a co-founder of Giga Viagem e Turismo (from concept into viable business), I experienced first-hand the famous Brazilian bureaucracy. The cultural awareness workshops covers the practical business behaviour and etiquette, but my intention is to raise a deeper understanding of the values, perceptions and attitudes expressed in the“Brazilian behaviour”. 

My aim is to assist companies and individuals to achieve cultural awareness about Brazil, inter-cultural communications skills and a better understanding of the bureaucratic system. As a member of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, I network business opportunities between Brazil, Great Britain and Europe. My career as a Brazil cultural consultant began in Rio de Janeiro where I promoted Brazil and its business opportunities to the European and Americas market. During this period of time I had close ties with the British Tourist Authority and The British Council in Rio de Janeiro and promoted many events and workshops. 

I represented well-respected English language colleges as well as known universities from the UK. I was also one of the pioneers in bringing to the Brazilian market eco/sustainable tourist packages. I was the first director of Rio de Janeiro’s chamber of the Brazilian Institute of Eco-tourism (IEB) a non-profit NGO based in São Paulo, where I worked with environmental education and social sustainability. Since my return to the UK in 1998, I have been working closely with Brazil in many different fields.

I have been living in England for over three decades and my understanding of the cultural, social and business differences between the two countries is quite vast and reliable.



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